EYFS Curriculum

Medium Term Plans (MTPs)

In addition to the Whole School Long Term Plan (LTP) and the EYFS Medium Term Plan (MTP) above, please see examples of other MTPs specific for our Nursery and Reception:

Nursery MTP: Au1

Nursery MTP: Au2

Reception MTP: Au1

Reception MTP: Au2

Our Short Term Plan (STP) for Expressive Arts & Design for our Reception children is below:

Reception STP: Expressive Arts & Design, Au2

Healthy Child Booklets

Each half term, the EYFS team will be focussing on different ways of being a healthy child. You will get a booklet with ideas of how to support your child's health. Below you will find some helpful booklets, giving advice and information about how to help your child be healthy:

Healthy Emotions

Healthy Teeth

Healthy Relationships

Healthy Bodies

Healthy Sunshine

Healthy Eating

In order to meet the needs of all pupils in the Early Years, we have our Sunshine and Woodland rooms, where pupils can attend to work on specific targets linked to communication and interaction and their cognitive skills.  The adaptations to curriculum and plans are held in school.