What We Do

The staff at Chapel Street Primary School are committed to set a positive example for our children. We pride ourselves in sharing our experiences with the children and what we do to look mental health and wellbeing.

Have a read of what we do to look after our mental health and wellbeing:

We have made our own ‘happy jar’ (My daughter’s school project). After tea each evening, we talk about something that we did/ something that happened that made us feel happy. At the end of the week we read through to remind ourselves of the happy moments. 

Miss Holt – Reception Teacher / Assistant Headteacher for EYFS

I starting drinking tea, one cup a day and simply enjoying the warmth and calm of the drink and the 10 minutes relaxation. I love reading and getting lost in a book. Walking around my local area and enjoying looking at different houses and gardens. Actually walking along streets that I have never been along before is interesting and motivates me to walk further. Looking out of my window and simply watching the sky, weather and people. I love doing this! Bird watching from my window or garden/ my outside space. I just stand and watch and wait and it is amazing what you see.

Miss Nicholson – Reception

Before bed, I started listening to Headspace to help me fall asleep and distract me from my thoughts and worries. Listening to Headspace and meditation music is a great way to help you calm down and reflect on how you're feeling. I still use it now.

Miss Haughey – Teaching Assistant


Whenever I have negative emotions I start looking at my positives in life including my health, wealth, car, children and all the food - literally. My belief helps me a lot in dark times. I feel all human beings have their tests in life. We just need to pass them according to our abilities. We need to train our self that whatever the circumstances, we can change them for better. 

Ms Cheema – Teaching Assistant

When I'm feeling stressed and anxious walking really helps me. Just stepping out of the front door and walking. How far can I go? What can I find that I haven't noticed before? What is growing and changing? I walk down a road or path I haven't been down before. If I get bored with my local area I walk to another area. Afterwards I always feel more grounded and energised and sometimes while I'm walking my worries will organise themselves a bit better.

Mrs Richards – Lunch Organiser

At the end of the day and particularly at the end of a busy week I love to take my two dogs out on a lovely long walk, normally through fields and plenty of mud...out in the fresh air and away from noise, computers, TV screens etc. Really helps to clear the mind. I have occasionally been known to break into a run to really clear away the cobwebs and stresses of the day. 

Mrs Atherton – Year 3 Teacher

These are some terms I keep in mind: "The present moment is all we have" Learning how to become present (which took me a degree and 2 years after that to fully grasp) "Surrender" - challenging this term as it is often seen as negative but surrendering to what you feel is not negative at all. Being the active "watcher" of your thoughts.

Miss Faulkner – Year 5 Teacher

Exercise and getting active really helps to lift my mood. I enjoy running, going for long walks in the countryside and using my Peloton bike. I get really grumpy when I haven't done any exercise for a few days!

Miss Livesey – Year 2 Teacher

I like to go for walks in the woods with my family and friends, swim outdoors (especially in the sea) and jogging with other people (usually chasing after my little boy on his bike). I find it helps me feel happier and calmer when I'm active with other people. 
I find it helps to check in with my body when I am feeling something overwhelming or worrying and trying to stay present in the moment rather than worrying about the future or feeling sad about the past. It helps for me to pause before reacting to things, use breathing exercises and grounding techniques - like using my senses to notice what is around me that I can see, smell, hear and feel. 

Mrs Hughes – Headteacher