School Uniform

Active Uniform

In September 2022, we introduced our new Active Uniform. This means children will no longer need to bring a change of clothes to school for PE; the active uniform is suitable for both learning and physical exercise.

The uniform consists of the following:

  • Royal blue sweatshirt (without a logo)
  • White air-tex polo shirt (polo shirt)
  • Black leggings or black jog pants (these MUST be plain black)
  • Black shorts in hot weather (these MUST be plain black)
  • Black trainers (these MUST be plain black)

Skirts can be worn over leggings but they will need to be black and comfortable, so that children can still be ‘active’.

You can view our Uniform Policy on our Policies page on the website here.

The active uniform has been introduced following the very positive response from our parent survey. We hope that the new uniform will:

  • Be more comfortable for our children throughout the day; creating a better learning environment and experience
  • Create equality for all
  • Maximise learning time as children now no longer have to change their clothes in school
  • Be more cost effective for our families

We would like to thank our parents/carers who have participated and made sure their child comes to school in our new Active School Uniform. For those parents who had already purchased the old uniform before the changes were announced, don't worry, your child can still wear the uniform you have bought, however, your child will need to bring a change of clothes to school on their PE days.

Uniform is not sold in school. You can purchase your child's uniform from a store of your choice (local supermarkets are usually good providers), as long as the items you purchase are within the active uniform guidelines above.

Bookbags can be purchased directly from school via ParentPay. When your child joins our Reception class, they will be provided with a school book bag for free. Any new or replacement book bags must be purchased.

What extras does my child need?

Label all of your child's clothes and belongings



Provide a bottle of water for your child everyday



Bring a coat everyday (British weather is very unpredictable!)



Provide spare clothes for Nursery/Reception children



Apply sun cream to your child before school



Send a hat for your child in warm weather