Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 at Chapel Street Primary School.

We hope that this will be an interesting and exciting year!

In Year 4, we strive to make it possible for all children to achieve the highest of their potential by developing independent learning skills and encouraging them to challenge themselves. We believe that mistakes are the beginning of learning and not the end. Making mistakes is how we learn. Children are expected to take pride in all of their work and to be proud of their achievements in all areas of school life.

There are three Year 4 classes; 4A (Mr Heath), 4B (Mr Morgan) and 4C (Miss Wilson). We have a team of talented teaching assistants and support staff who work alongside the children, either in class or in small groups.

The school day begins at 8.40. Children are expected to come into the classroom on their own, at the beginning of each day. They will be responsible for putting away their belongings, in the correct places. The children will then have an early morning reading task to complete so it is vital that all children arrive at school on time. The morning break is at 10.15, with lunch at 11:40. Children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to enjoy at morning break. The school day ends at 3.15.

Children will receive weekly spellings to learn at home, and they will be tested the following week. Please support your child with frequent practice of times tables ready for the Multiplication Times Tables check later on in the year.

Please read with your child every day. Talk to them about what they have read and ask them questions. Children must bring their reading books and their signed reading records to school every day.

Children must be dressed smartly, in full school uniform. They must have a waterproof coat and be wearing sensible footwear. Children are responsible for their own belongings.

As well as having Physical Education lessons every week, the children in Year 4 also have swimming lessons at The Arcadia Leisure Centre. Children must have the correct kit on the correct day. PE and Swimming days are as follows:

PE: Thursday
Swimming: Friday

PE: Thursday
Swimming: Tuesday

PE: Thursday
Swimming: Wednesday