Road Safety

With the ever increasing number of vehicles on the road it is our priority to keep our roads surrounding the school safe for everyone. Parking on the surrounding roads of Chapel Street is an ever growing concern for our school as it impacts on the safety of the children. We are asking parents to walk to school if possible and if you do have to come by car to be mindful of where you are parking. We are aware school drop offs and pickups can be a busy time but we would appreciate if all parents could not park in front of the school gates. We understand this might mean you need to walk a little further but it does ensure the safety of our children.

Chapel Street Community Primary School has been working hard with lots of community links to help us improve road safety around the school. 

What we have done so far

  • Student Council have been involved with the designing of a safer street for Chapel Street.
  • We have supported Clean Air Day- encouraging everyone to walk to school
  • We have supported Road Safety Awareness Week
  • Children have been introduced to ‘stop, look, listen think’ to improve their knowledge of road safety 
  • Newsletter and updates for parents regarding road safety at Chapel Street

What we intend to do

  • Source parking spaces local to the school to reduce the number of vehicles parking around the school
  • Educate children, parents and staff on all aspects of road safety including travelling to school safely, crossing roads and vehicle safety
  • Involve parents and carers with decision making regarding road safety at Chapel Street Community Primary School
  • Improve visual road safety deterrents- install new banners and equipment to indicate school location and to reduce speed
  • Keep building relationships within the local community to help support the school with road safety

If you have any community contacts or ideas for improving road safety around the school , these can be emailed to the community team –

Road Safety Week

Each year, there is a different theme and focus for Road Safety Week, bringing together communities and professionals to shout out for everyone's right to make safe and healthy journeys on safe roads.

There are lots of resources available for children and parents to help learn about road safety on the websites below: - a website for kids who want to find out more about road safety. National Campaigns covering all aspects of road safety - offers free activities for children to encourage safer journeys.