WAS Awards

Introducing the Wellbeing Award for Schools

This award focuses on changing the long-term culture of the whole school. Using an evidence-based framework to drive change, it will help the school deliver staff and pupil wellbeing, review staff training, and revise our policies. This award will ensure that mental health and wellbeing sit at the heart of school life.



Staff wellbeing

Actively promote emotional wellbeing and mental health for our staff.

Positive culture

Ensure that emotional wellbeing and mental health is regarded as the responsibility of all.

Training for staff

Offer high-quality, ongoing professional development so our staff feel confident responding to pupils’ needs.

Stakeholder participation

Work with the whole-school community to support emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Vision and strategy

Commit to a clear strategy that promotes and protects emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Supportive networks

Ensure systems and external partnerships are in place to support different types of emotional and mental health needs.