At Chapel Street Community Primary School we aim to promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written language, and to develop their love of literature through widespread reading for pleasure.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that English is promoted throughout the different subject areas and is engaging for all our children. The cross-curricular English sessions are led by a range of high quality texts and ensure that learners are challenged to develop deep, lasting knowledge, and supported by a clear progression of skills. Across our curriculum, and particularly in English lessons, there is a focus on providing children with a vocabulary rich environment, lots of opportunities for speaking and listening and writing which has a clear audience and purpose.

Our long term plans ensure that the National Curriculum objectives are clearly covered, however we also plan in exciting opportunities to bring Literacy alive. These include working with the Young Journalist Academy, author visits, Skype sessions with focused authors, bespoke writing and reading clubs and writing and delivering shows for a local radio station.

We want our children not just to be able to read but to be ‘readers’ and to be passionate about reading. Links with our local library ensure that children have access to a range of books both inside and outside of school.

If you would like to find out more about English at our school, please see your child’s class teacher. Alternatively, please arrange to see Mrs R Smith the English lead or members of the English team – Mrs Kerr, Miss Henry, Miss Tabib or Mr Shepherd.

Over the Autumn term, in KS2, we are developing Year Group libraries. These libraries will contain a wide breadth of books and an area where children can sit and enjoy their book. We hope these libraries will continue to fuel our children’s love of reading. Later on in the school year, the Year Group libraries will be rolled out across KS1.

We have prioritised money from our budget towards our libraries, however if you would like to support us you can buy a book that we can add to our libraries. You can either buy a book of your choice and bring it to school or you can use our Amazon Wish list – details below.

Give the gift of reading... Choose a book to send to school and leave a legacy for our children to enjoy. If you add a gift message to your order, we will cut this out and stick it to the inside cover of the book - so everyone can see who has generously donated it. Please select the Chapel Street address at checkout. There is a huge selection of books (ranging in price - including some at 2 for £7 - and type) so that everyone can find something to enjoy. Your generous donation will be used to widen the selection of books available in our new Year Group libraries - the purpose of which is to develop a love of reading for pleasure in all children.

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