At Chapel Street, History is a subject that our children are passionate about. Our high-quality, bespoke history education ensures our children gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Children have the opportunity to explore the history of their local area (including that of the school) which is crucial so that children have a cultural understanding and a respect for where they are growing up. Our history curriculum is also reflective of the diverse nature of our classrooms and so as well as learning about local history they learn about how past civilisations, from across the globe, have helped us to get to where we are today.

In order to promote a love of history for our children, we offer opportunities to bring history into the classroom; whether through workshops, virtual reality or our fantastic range of resources and we offer external visits which can help bring history to life.

As a result of our history lessons we have helped inspire our children to become historians and to establish their own reading and research projects at home.

Our history curriculum equips our children with the ability to ask insightful questions, to think critically about an issue, develops the skill of using a source of evidence to support a reason and to understand there may be more than one way to interpret the past. Therefore, history at Chapel Street is an important tool in developing children’s compassion and empathy. It helps children understand change and how people and cultures may be different but are all of value.

At Chapel Street we have a cross-curricular approach to learning but we explicitly teach our history curriculum. This helps our children to see how history fits in to the big picture and to understand its importance to our lives today. The children learn about the mistakes from history and how to use those to shape a more successful future.