Religious Education

At Chapel Street, we encourage our children to take pride in their heritage and treat everybody with equal respect. We want to mould the children into respectful members of society who understand and celebrate the diversity in the local community. We strongly encourage children to “think deep about what’s big” by allowing them to ask questions and explore possible answers to big ideas. We like to call this “Big ideas, deeply thought.”

We provide the children with a safe space in which they can begin to make sense of our current world.

Our approach will be to deliver multi-disciplinary RE which includes ethical, philosophical and explorative discussions and lessons.

We will refer to RE as “World Views” as we feel it is important to be inclusive and for children to learn about a range of world views that are current and realistic.

We want our children to use personal knowledge of “World Views” and to be welcoming, active listeners to their peers.

We hope our children leave Chapel Street with open minds and the drive to explore our diverse world even further in the future.