Year 1

Year 1 Team
1A: Mrs Coffey and Mrs Heathcote
1B: Miss Livesey
1C: Miss Warner

At Chapel Street we pride ourselves on our quality text based curriculum that links all subject areas making learning fun and purposeful for all the children. In the autumn term, the children read Beegu which is about an alien that crash lands on Earth. The children focus on writing a comic based on her adventures within schools, whilst learning about the properties of materials in science and creating a warm and dry shelter for her to sleep in within design and technology. This is followed by the text The Queen’s Hat that travels through London and visits many landmarks within the capital city. The children rewrite an alternative version of the story where the hat visits landmarks within the local area. In geography we learn about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom and its surrounding seas.

In the spring term, the children read Major Glad, Major Dizzy which illustrates how toys have changed throughout recent history. The children also think about how the life of a school aged child has changed within the past 100 years and how developing technology has changed the toys we play with. Within design and technology, the children will design and make a moveable toy. This is followed by The Polar Bear Son where the children learn about the life of the Inuit culture and how that is different to the life we have. In geography we learn about the seven continents and five oceans and how the weather changes near to the equator.

In the summer term, the children read Tree where we learn about the four seasons and how the weather changes throughout the year in science. We will use this knowledge to write setting descriptions for the different seasons and poems. We will also learn about plants and what they need to grow and the names of common trees and flowers. This is followed by Bog Baby where we learn about animals and their habitats. We will rewrite the story with a character they have created through clay modelling and the habitat where they live.

We use questioning to help the children learn a text and gain a deeper understanding of the author’s use of language. We encourage each child to become an independent learner who is able to write their own ideas and read their own work to check it makes sense.

In music the children follow a scheme of lessons that allows them to appraise a piece of music, learn news songs, learn about pulse and rhythm and use instruments. Throughout the year the children will use a variety of ICT applications to enhance their learning of the curriculum and learn about the practices and celebrations of different faiths within Religious Education.

Physical Education consists of an indoor session and an outdoor session every week. During the year the children will develop their skills within sports such as football, tennis and rugby and also their creativity and agility through dance and gymnastics.

To enhance our learning experiences further, we provide a number of visits and trips throughout the year. We are mindful of the costs to families and work hard to keep the cost to a minimum and provide free experiences when possible. All visits and trips are outlined below:

Autumn 1: Biffa Visit- recycling of materials- free
Autumn 2: Walk around the local area geography-free
Spring 1: Trip to Lyme Park- history of toys- approx. £12 per child
Summer :2 Walk to the Secret Lake- Bog Baby and animals- free

Year 1 follow the Letters and Sounds phonics program. They have daily sessions and also have opportunities to apply and extend their phonic knowledge and skills through the school day. They will complete a phonics test in June. Parents and carers can help at home by reading with their child and practising the sounds in the centre of their reading records.

In Maths, the children follow Power Maths where we use physical resources and pictures to practice and reinforce their understanding of mathematical concepts and they complete maths investigations to bring their learning to life.

There’s so much to discover and learn!